Spring tops


After a couple of trial runs, we came up with our version of a basic spring crochet top. We didn’t like the ones with all the flowery or shell-type patterns just beneath the bra area as it tends to stretch a bit and look flimsy. We opted for the squares which we attached to the bra and found it works much better. This way, we could add fringes for length as an option or even add another row of squares. Either way, we are quite chuffed with the outcome and it has turned out to be a really quick and easy project. Hope you guys like it too 🙂



Shoes for the Winter Warmer festival


So we’ve been working on some boots and shoes for the Winter Warmer festival and thought we’d give a preview of one of them which we will have in various colours and sizes. This will be part of the Bubz Babywear spring range, however, there will be quite a bit of boots and other baby goods for sale. This will be our first official craft fair so we are working like crazy and hopeful that there is a good turnout and that we get lots of support as first-timers.

Please book your tickets now and tell all your family and friends. (Details below)

Hope to see you there:)

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Crochet baby denims

After much deliberation, we decided to try making baby jeans. With limited yarn colours at our disposal, we figured, let’s just try a basic one for now and see how it goes. The design elements can follow once we get the basics in place.

It took about a day of youtube research and googling sizes etc. and using regular 4ply yarn, a 5mm hook and some thinner light blue yarn for the bottom pipes and stitching, we ended up with a reasonable end product.



The project was spread out over two days but would probably be possible to make in a few hours. Our next attempt will most likely be a bigger size with more details, better yarn and hopefully looks more like an actual denim jeans 🙂

Welcome to Nixie’s Crafts

Hi everyone! Nixie’s Crafts is a new South African, Cape Town-based mom and daughter duo of crafters who have recently decided to use combined skills to create new fun and inspiring craft goods. We started a crochet project over the past 6 months and have developed a new range of baby goods (Bubz Babywear) and our aim is to use an age-old pastime and turn it into an inspiring new craft and business idea.

All of our products are made in South Africa using local suppliers and our goods are currently for sale within the Western Cape area only until further notice. We have recently collaborated with Maker’s Hub and are hoping to expand our network of local crocheters and the craft community in the near future. Please check out the Maker’s Hub facebook page as well to see all the fabulous crochet goods for adults as well as throws and wall art they have to offer.

We will be attending the Stellenbosch craft fair on the 28th August 2016 with Maker’s Hub with our latest range of goods. We will keep you informed with more details closer to the time and also give you a sneak preview of our items that you can expect to see there. Please have a look through our site for current stock in the meantime.

Please email us at nixiescrafts@mail.com for any queries or info regarding our products.

Thanks for stopping by and please visit again soon.

The Nixie’s Team

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